Green Roof

Made this some time ago from hypertufa and an old straw fedora. A tip of the hat to Sempervivum.


Lynn Imeson said...

Hi David: the Essex Horticultural made a stop to view your beautiful gardens on June 28th this year. We enjoyed it immensely! Since I hold hyper tufa workshops and the like, several fellow bus trip people are anxious to make the straw hat at my place. We normally use garbage bags as liners in our molds when making hyper tufa. Occasionally we use Pam Spray instead of a liner. I should have talked to you about your method when we were visiting you but you had such a crowd around you! Did you use Pam spray or did you use a plastic liner and then a wire brush to make the "straw like" marks immediately after unmolding? I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks in advance. Lynn Imeson

David Hobson said...

Hi Lynn,
Email me directly for the info.

Михаил Дёмин said...

David! Bravo!!!

YyoYee YO said...

Hi David,
Would it be possible to provide me with your instructions on how to make the hypertufa straw hat? My email:

thank you!