Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Gold Heart'

Love that heart -- how perfect. After four days of rain and no activity by me in the garden, it's been busy producing gems.
(Formally Dicentra spectabilis)
Compost in my garden happening.

There must have been thousands of books, articles, and videos produced on how to make compost. You'd think it was a complex esoteric process. It's not. 

Here is the simple truth about composting -- compost happens! It's been happening for billions of years.

Compost happened (screened)
No additives, complicated machinery or electrical device is necessary for compost to happen, and if it promises to produce compost in only two weeks, save your money. 

Like, what is the rush? Nature makes wonderful compost without spending money or making any effort.

Spring Treat

This cool and cloudy spring has been lovely for spring flowers. Even in May, there's often a blast of summer that blows the tops off the tulips and has the daffodils mourning. But not this year. This is a quick shot of Narcissus 'Ice King' and it looks good enough to eat -- not a good idea.