Coreopsis 'Route 66'

Sophie and Coreopsis  'Route 66'
Planted in spring 2010 and I'm happy to see it has survived winter and is looking healthy. The flowers start out yellow with a red center that slowly bleeds into the yellow, eventually becoming almost entirely red as the plant matures. Foliage is thread-leafed and the mature plant clearly reaches the height of Sophie (RIP).

It's been on my bucket list ever since I learned of it  Route 66 the highway, not the plant — although I think I will try the plant in one of my old galvanized pails this year.


Mary Fran said...

Dogs like it, too, apparently.

Anonymous said...

What is the plant with the orange flowers to the right of "Route 66" Coreopsis?

David Hobson said...

It's calendula -- Calendula officinalis

Kathryn said...

Hi David. I have this in my front garden and it has been in full bloom for many months. The way the colours "bleed" is really different.
Coreopsis is such a gentle and delightful addition to any garden, that's for sure.
Your picture is just stunning with your adorable dog!